Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Know What to Donate?

Over the next few months, everything you can imagine a family needed to survive from day-to-day will be needed in Haiti, as people attempt to get back to life as normal.

These items are listed in order of what is needed most immediately as Search & Rescue efforts continue and people begin to seek shelter and medical relief:

* Water purification tablets, i.e. Katadyn Micropur Tablets ( get it from a sporting good store)
* Handheld water purification pumps, i.e. Katadyn water pump (same as above)
* Medical Supplies (Face Masks, Bandages, Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Antibiotic ointments, Alcohol, Gauze, First Aid Supplies, Gauze, paper tape, IV tubing, Saline bags,disposable gloves etc.)
* Generators, Flash lights, Batteries, Lanterns, etc.
* Blankets, Sheets, Sleeping Bags, Air mattresses, Tents & Cots
* Body bags
* Non-perishable food items
* Baby Needs (Wipes, Formula, Bottles, powder milk, diapers)
* Personal Hygiene (Soap, Shaving supplies, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Feminine products)
* Spring/Summer Clothing (gently used or new) for adults, children, and infants. Shoes are also needed
* Paper Products (Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels)
* Cleaning Chemicals (Soaps, Powdered Clothe Detergent)

This list may be updated as new specific needs are identified in Haiti.


Donaton List



The Port-au-Prince offices of the Carma Foundation – whose mission is to improve the health of poor and vulnerable women and children in Haiti – were seriously affected by the Haiti earthquake. Make a monetary donation at to help Carma send missionaries to Haiti to aid in the relief effort.


• The City of Miami, District 5 is accepting donations of emergency supplies such as clothing, water, first aid and canned food to send immediately to Haiti. Contact Tracy Lozama in the District 5 office at 305-253-5390 for more information.


• Make a monetary donation to The Haitian Alliance to help send missionaries and emergency supplies to Haiti at

• The Haitian Alliance is also collecting relief materials such as drinking water, first aid items, toiletries, non-perishable food rations, baby formula, linens and more.
The Haitian Alliance Drop-off Locations:

• WRFG Radio -Mon – Fri; 11:00AM – 6:00PM; Sat (1/16) – 2PM-4PM; 1083 Austin Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307-1940
• Northside Women's Specialists -Mon – Fri; 8:30AM - 5:00PM; 980 Johnson Ferry Rd, Suite 620,Atlanta, GA 30342-1608
• Northside Women's Specialists - Mon – Fri; 8:00AM - 3:30PM; 1015 Mansell Road, Roswell, GA 30076-1507
• Club Intrigue - Mon-Sun; 4PM – until; 5471 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083


United for Jamaica Presents: Rebuild Haiti: A Benefit Concert for Haitian Relief) - Tues, Jan. 19; Lenny's Bar - 486 Decatur Street Atlanta, 30312 - 7pm to 12am
Tickets: $8 at the door. (100% Profits will be Donated to The Haitian Alliance for the Haitian Relief efforts)

Six bands participate in A Night of live Reggae and feel-good music. Monetary and in kind donation boxes will be accepted. Please see: for list of needed items.


• The Haitian Memorial Foundation and WEEN are seeking volunteers to donate and gather supplies as well as travel to Haiti to assist in the global relief effort.

To offer your help/resources, call I. Maxime Auguste at 914-751-3303. You can drop-off emergency supplies at the HMF office at 435 South Broadway, Suite #1, Yonkers NY 10705.

• Supplies Drop-Off Location: To donate dry food, non perishable items, sneakers, flat shoes, sandals, clothing, blankets, baby wipe, water bottles, etc to aid workers who are on-the-ground in Haiti, please see the address and times below:

2115 Nostrand Ave, 3rd Fl (b/w Flatbush & Glenwood), Brooklyn NYC
Time: 12p - 8p
Dates: Fri 1/15, Sat 1/16, & Sun 1/17


If you’re in the New York area on Monday, January 18, you can drop off emergency supplies at the Benefit Bash for Haiti hosted by Patty Laurent, Mona Scott-Young, Daphnee Duplaix, Wiener Milien (NYC TV), the Heavy Hitters, I. Maxime Auguste (Haitian Memorial Foundation) and more. Location: Crimson (formerly Strata), 915 Broadway, New York, NY 10010. For more information call 212-844-9829 or email


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safe Donation List

As we all know, in bad times is also an opportunity for Con Artist to take advantage. Let’s congregate a safe list of organization that we should be donating funds. Think of where your family and friends are located in Haiti and if there are any organizations accepting donation, add them to the list. Otherwise, we can stick with the large organizations such as Redcross, Yele Haiti and any others.

Redcross – For Haiti
Send a $10 Donation by Texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999

Mercy Corps

Yele Haiti
Text YELE to 501501 to make $5 donation

Support Disaster Relief in Haiti
Unicef and Care

Partner In Health

Any Suggestions?

If you have more words or helpful phrases that you would like to share, please let me know. You can visit if you just want to leave me a message on the contact page. Anything to help is so appreciated.

When I get more words and phrases I will continue to update the blog. Until then, Stay Strong Haiti. We are with you.

Rete fò, nou avèk ou.

-Mackleen Desravines-Gresham

More Terms and Phrases

All 151 terms

Term Definition

Good morning!
Bonswa! Good afternoon! (Evening! (used after 11 AM)
Komon ou ye? How are you?
N'ap boule! (most common greeting and response) Good!
Wi Yes
yo they, them
Non No
Mesi Thanks
Anmwe! Help!
Non, mesi No, thanks
Souple Please
Merite You're welcome
Pa gen pwoblem No problem
Oke OK
Eskize mwen Excuse me
Mwen regret sa I'm sorry
Gen... There is/are...
Pa genyen! There is/are not any!
Mwen pa genyen! I don't have any!
Sekonsa! That's right!
Piti piti A little bit
Anpil A lot
Gen anpil... There are a lot of...
Isit Here
La There
Tout bagay anfom? Is everything OK?
Pa kounye-a Not now
Toupatou Everywhere
Anyen Nothing
Preske Almost
Atansyon! Attention!/Watch out!
Prese prese! Hurry!
Dife! Fire!
Rete! Stop!
Kounye-a Now
Nou ap chache... We are looking for...
Souple, ban mwen... Please give me...
Separe sa ant nou Divide this among you
Ye Yesterday
Jodia Today
Demen Tomorrow
Maten an This morning
Apremidi a This afternoon
Aswe a This evening
lendi Monday
madi Tuesday
mekredi Wednesday
jedi Thursday
vandredi Friday
samdi Saturday
dimanch Sunday
Ou byen? You OK?
Mwen pa two byen I'm not too well
Mwen malad I'm sick
Te gen yon aksidan There was an accident
Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit We need a doctor/a nurse right now
Kote Iopital Ia? Where is the hospital?
Kote Ii ou fe mal? Where does it hurt you?
Li ansent She's pregnant
Mwen pa ka manje/domi I cannot eat/sleep
Mwengendjare I have diarrhea
Mwen anvi vonmi I feel nauseated
Tout ko mwen cho My whole body is hot
Mwen toudi I'm dizzy
Nou bezwen pansman/koton We need bandages/cotton
Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a I need something for this cut
Ou gen SIDA You have AIDS
Mwen grangou I'm hungry
Mwen swaf anpil I'm very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje We would like to eat
Konben How much?/How many?
Poukisa? Why?
Kote? Where?
Kisa? What?
Kile? When?
Ki moun? Who?
Kijan? How?
Kiles? Which?
Eske gen...? Is/Are there...?
Eske ou gen...? Do you have...?
Eske ou ka ede nou, souple? Can you help us please?
Kote nou ka achte...? Where can we buy...?
Eske ou ka di mwen...? Can you tell me...?
montre show
ban give
Ki moun ki Ia? Who is there?
Kisa ou vIe? What do you want?
Kisa ou ta vIa? What would you like?
Kisa ou ap fe Ia? What are you doing there?
Kisa sa a ye? What is that?
Sa k'genyen? What's the matter?
Kisa pi nou fe? What must we do?
Eske ou te we...? Have you seen...?
Eske ou pale angle/franse? Do you speak English/French?
Ki moun isit ki pale angle? Who speaks English here?
Ou konprann? You understand?
Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol? What do they call that inCreole?
Kij an yo kreyol? How do they say... in Creole?
Kisa ou bezouen? What do you need?
Kisa ki rive ou? What happened to you?
Ki kote li ale? Where did he go?
Kilaj ou? How old are you?
Kote ou rete? Where do you live?
Eske ou gen petit? Do you have any children?
Kote nou ye? Where are we?
genyen to have
chita to sit
manje to eat
rete to stop
kouri to run
kouche to lie down
vini to come
ale/prale to go
ban to give
rete trankil to be quiet
pran to get, receive
leve to get up
sede to give up
touye to kill
frape to hit
kache to hide
konnen to know
manti to lie (not truth)
gade to look
koupe to cut
kwit-manje, fe-manje to cook
fimen to smoke
atake to attack
ban pemi to authorize
kri to shout, yell, scream
achte to buy
fe-apel to call, name
netwaye to clean
femen to close
fose to coerce, force
fini to finish
obeyi to obey
fe konfyans - to trust
console to comfort
pati to leave, depart
mouri to die
fe-desen to draw, sketch
bwe to drink
tonbe to drop, fall
mete abo embark, load, board
atoure to surround
ranfose to enforce
ou you, your
mwen I, me, my, mine
nou us, our, you (plural)
Ii him, her, his, hers


Good Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask

Where does it hurt? Kikote li soufri
Do You need Medicine? Eske ou bezwen Medicine
Do you want water? Eske ou bezwen dlo
Do you want food? Eske ou bezwen manje
Where is your family? Kikote fanmi ou
Are you ok? Eske ou ok
Do you have family? Eske ou genyen fanmi

Please excuse my spelling if I got it wrong. :)

Basic Phrases

I want to help, how can I help? = Mwen vle ede; Ki jan mwen ede? (Mweh vlay ed; Kee-jahn mwen ed?)
Do you need help?=Ou bezwen ede? (ooh behz-wehn ed)
Can I help you?= Mwen ka ede ou? (Moo-weh kah ed-ay ooh)
Show me what to do= Ki sa mwen ka fè pou ou (Kee-sah moo-weh kah fay)
wash=lave (lah-vay)
bed= kabann (ka-bahn)
water= glo (glow)
meal time= repa (ray-pah)
eat, drink= manje, bwe (mah-jay, bway)
feed= manje bay (mah-jay bway)
Are you hungry? = Eske ou grangou? (Es-kay ooh grahn-goo?)
Do you want to eat? = Ou vle manje? (Ooh vlay man-jay?)
Do you want to drink? = Ou vle bwe? (Ooh vlay bway?)
Is it good? = Eske li bon? (Es-kay lee bohn?)
My name is...= Mwen rele... (Mweh ray-lay.)
What is your name? = Ki gen ou rele? (Key jahn ooh ray-lay?)
What do you want?= Ki sa ou vle? (Key sah ooh vlay?)
What are you doing?= Ki sa wop fe? (Key sah whop fay?)
Sit down= chita (she-tah)
Stand=kanpe (kahn-pay)
Stand up= ann kanpe (ahn kahn-pay)
stop= rete (rhet)
your turn= ou kou (ooh koo)
now you do it =ou fe sa (ooh fay sah)
Stop that= Pa fe sa (Pah fay sah)
Give me that= Ban mwen sa (Bahn mweh sah)
Where does it go?= Kote sa pou? (Ko-tay sah poo?)
Get down=Desann (Day-sahn)
Go = Ale (Ah-lee)
work= travay (trah-vay)
wait= tann (tahn)
look= gade (gah-day)
look at me= gade mwen (gah-day mwen)
listen= tande (tahn-day)
good job= bon travay (bohn tra-vay)
very good= tre byen (tray bee-in)
big, little= gwo, piti (gwhoa, pee-ti)
in, out= nan, deyo (nahn, day-yo)
over, under= anle, anba (on-lay, ahn-bah)
stop, go= rete, ale (reh-tay, ah-lay)
up, down= anwo, ba (ahn whoa, bah)
slow, fast= pa rapid, rapid (pah ra-peed, ra-peed)
less, more= mwen, plis (mwehs, plees)
I want... Mwen vle... (Mweh vlay)
I am going to come back.= Mop vini. (Mop veh-nee.)
Let's clean up.= Nou netwaye. (Noo net-wye-ye.)come here= veni (vee-knee)
play=jwe (jway)
show me= moutrem (moo-tee-em)
play with me= jwe avem (jway avem)
sing with me= chante avem (shan-tay avem)
Which one? =Kiles? (Kee-les?)
transportation = transpè (trance pay)
trash = fatra (fah-rah)
translate= tradui (trah dew)
treasure= trezò (tray zho)
treat = trete
Vehicle= Machine (mah-sheen)
I Love You = Mwen Ren Men Ou
Daddy= Papa or Poppy
Mommy = Mommy or Maman
Sister= se (say)
Brother= fre (freh)
Pet= bet kay
no= nah
Yes= wi
your welcome= merite (merh eat)
Excuse me = Eskize mwen
I'm sorry = Mwen regret sa
Yesterday= ye
Today = Jodia
Tomorrow = demen
My Name Is... Mwen rele... (mweh ray-lay...)
What is that? =Kisa sa a ye?